​Carina is an award-winning jewellery designer whose work is notable for its quality and stunning originality. Her jewellery is an effective combination of modern shapes, intricate textures and organic patterns.


Born and raised in South Africa, she spent much of her childhood outdoors which has resulted in a love for the natural world. This fascination resurfaces in the organic textures and patterns which appear in her work. She combines these elements with inspiration from her surroundings, memories and experiences to create unique and fascinating jewellery pieces.


Carina studied silversmithing and jewellery at the Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University. Now working from her Hertfordshire workshop, she creates handmade, luxury jewellery pieces in a range of both precious and non-precious materials. She enjoys exploring the properties of new and unusual materials and many of her design ideas are generated through this experimentation and play process.


Carina’s graduate collection stood out to a prestigious panel of leading editors and industry gurus and in 2013, she was selected as a Bright Young Gem, a well-known initiative within the industry for unveiling future stars. This initiative offered her the opportunity to showcase her work at IJL, the UK's premier jewellery trade exhibition.


Carina has a passion for jewellery and feels that it is a privilege to do what she loves, she puts this passion into every piece of jewellery she creates to make something exceptional which she hopes people would cherish and want to keep in their families for generations.